To clear everything double click a blank area of the screen

Use my code as you like, but if you do let me know and maybe a link to my home page would be nice ;-).


Color Cycle (IE 6 100%, Firebird 50% there's a bug which stops it getting past red and I can't seem to iron it out)
Random Color Silliness (IE 6 100%, Firebird 100%)
ColorCycle, small setup (IE 6 50% can't handle small sizes, hence the oblong effect, Firebird 100%)
Grow, default (IE 6 100%, Firebird 100%)
Grow, for when you roll your own recommend low rez, low interpol and high spacing (IE 6 100%, Firebird 100%)
Remember if you click both in a row, you're going to get the same set of objects now both running an animation, (as you may have guessed the clean up is more visual the actual) so you'll get varied effects if you run both in a row. For a clean start hit refresh

Set it up

then play after...
Firefox doesn't like the DOM cleanup, either does IE, but there's no easy way to remove elements without convoluted code, all this means in Firefox roll first play later then refresh, otherwise it will hang
Roll Your Own This sets the boxes up to your specifications
If you have insane quantities of memory and processing speed you can get some quite nice effects lowering down the interpol value. To get an idea on something like *cough* my machine, try 64 by 64 at 4 interpol and no spacing, although you can see that IE doesn't cope so well at this level(insisting on DIV's being a minimum size), but firefox does. If you find the bug stopping firefox from transitioning past red let me know. As it is I've learnt the hard way that javascript is not the ideal development environment especially when dealing with object scope and tracing bugs. Although one nice little hack was to use the Div's title attribute to carry extra data. The code is liberally commented so help yourself; The code and if you think it's neat leat me know :-) [b][at][benjaminranck][dot][com]